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Welcome to The Bark House Pet Spa

City and Guilds Qualifies dog groomer

​An established, fully qualified, professional and welcoming home from home grooming experience for your dog.  Located in Shripney, West Sussex. Grooming takes place in my luxury grooming studio. I work on a one to one basis which is ideal for nervous or anxious dogs. Grooming appointments usually take between 1-2 hours depending on the breed of dog, temperament and condition of coat . I select only the finest of grooming products and equipment including a range of professional organic dog shampoos and conditioners that are  environmentally friendly and suitable for all types of coats. I am a member of PIF (The Pet Industry Federation) the BDGA (British Dog Grooming Association) and The Groomers Spotlight. 

​If you would like to make an appointment for your dog, then please contact me and I will be happy to discuss your requirements.​

"A healthy dog is a happy dog"

Poodle Bath dog grooming


My name is Kate and I hold a City & Guilds Level 3 Professional Diploma in dog grooming. I started my grooming business in 2010. Having previously run a successful dog walking company, I wanted to explore my more creative side and along with my love and passion for dogs went on to study for my City & Guilds Level 3 qualification.  I completed my training at one of the country’s leading grooming schools and winner of Grooming School of the Year 2016 ‘Dogs Delight’ under the tutelage of Master Groomer Julie Lalou. I currently own two Standard Poodles. 

I work by myself and professionally groom small to medium sized breeds only. I am fully insured with Public Liability insurance and have undergone Health & Safety and Canine First Aid training as part of my qualification and update this every three years. In addition, I attend regular grooming seminars in order to widen my existing knowledge and to keep abreast of new techniques and changes in the industry. 


I can groom to breed standard but I am also happy to work to my clients requests to help find a suitable trim for their dog which suits both their lifestyle and their pets’ health and well-being.  I am also qualified in hand stripping which is a grooming technique suitable for wire haired breeds and some silky coats.




I offer a complete range of grooming services from nose to tail. The health and welfare of your dog is always my number one priority and I  pay special attention to ensure that all dogs in my care are made to feel relaxed and at ease resulting in a more enjoyable experience for them. The process of grooming also allows for me to make a general health check inspecting the condition of the coat, skin and the dogs general well being. 

* (All grooming services include a complimentary bow or bandana and optional spritz of finishing cologne)

Full Groom

This service includes full styling tailor made to your requirements for your dog’s breed. Includes two warm water baths, shampoo/conditioner, facial scrub, fluff dry, brush and removal of dead coat, ears & eye clean, nail trim, hygiene trim.

From £48

Bath & Brush Out

To keep your dog smelling fresh. Also includes a thorough brush and comb through. Includes two warm water baths, shampoo/conditioner, facial scrub, fluff dry, brush and removal or dead coat, eye & ear clean, nail trim, and hygiene trim.

From £35

From £65

Hand Stripping

Specifically for wire haired dog breeds and some silky coats.   This technique removes the dead hair and allows for the colour and texture of the coat to be maintained and promotes new coat growth. Includes eye & ear clean, nail trim and hygiene trim.

Puppy Services

Puppy University

Our Puppy University is a course of 4 sessions, designed to encourage puppies to become accustomed to the sights and sounds of the grooming process before their first full groom.  These sessions will get the puppy used to the sound of the clippers, high velocity dryer and the process of nail clipping and ears and eye cleaning. A puppy pack is also included, and is full of goodies to help you learn about how to look after your pups coat.

Please note that the following conditions apply for this service:
*Puppies will only be accepted for grooming after all of their vaccinations have been completed.
*This service is available for puppies up to the age of 6 months only.
*All appointments must be used within 6 weeks.


From £110 (depending on breed)

Puppy Introduction

If you decide you would rather do individual puppy introduction sessions, then we offer a one-off maintenance trim tailor made for your puppy. All puppies under the age of 6 months must have an introduction with us before having a full groom. This is so that we can assess their confidence and behaviour to ensure they are ready for the full grooming experience.

From £30

Spa Treatments

Any of the below treatments can be added on to our full groom or bath and brush out services.

De-Shed Treatment

The perfect treatment for those breeds that shed hair excessively. ‘Madra Mor Shed Safely' is a deep cleaning, sweet smelling mud bath treatment specifically designed for dog’s skin. It contains hydrating omega oils and is pumped full of B vitamins to help prevent excessive shedding. It is excellent for dry, itchy skin, hot spots and keeping the coat in a healthy condition as well as removing dead skin and hair. Ideal for thick and dry damaged coats.


Conditioning Treatment

This can be added onto any grooming service and includes a nourishing dog conditioner which treats dry and damaged coats with the help of shea butter, coconut and rose oils.



A revolutionary treatment for skin and hair from Japan. Using micro bubble technology which has been used on the human medical side for years helping people with skin conditions. This treatment can help remove odours, relieve itchy, flaky skin problems and improve the overall condition of your dog’s coat.



Does your dog suffer from itchy, sore feet? or excess chewing and licking? If so, then why not treat them to a relaxing pawdicure. Using a specially formulated paw scrub to help eliminate fungus, germs, and bacteria. We top this off with a paw massage using a soothing paw balm. Includes a foot and nail trim.


Mat Removal

We comply with the Animal Welfare Act of 2006 and will not cause pain and suffering to your dog by brushing  out matting. If your dog is matted it will require clipping short, which is charged depending on the severity and on a case by case basis on top of your grooming service. We will always have your authorisation and will never shave a dog down without your consent. After your appointment we will go through the after care and coat maintenance specific to your breed to help prevent future matting form occurring.

From £12

Terms and Conditions

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Phone: 020 3893 8637

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West Sussex PO22 9NZ

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